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We don’t just treat addiction – we treat people. If you or a loved one you know abuses alcohol or drugs, please give us a call. We can help. Many of our staff members have gone through the same recovery process being offered at New Day and know firsthand about the dangers of alcohol or drug dependence.

For example, Dana LeClair is in charge of New Day’s adult services. He’s also a recovering alcoholic and addict who truly cares about people.

“The best part of this job is helping people,” Dana said. “It’s why I got into this field of work.”

“Helping others reach their full potential also helps me stay sober,” Dana states.  “It feels good to be part of the solution when there is so much negative stigma attached to addicts and alcoholics.  We get to see the real transformation and change in their lives.”

As one can easily see, Dana’s passion is assisting others, and that’s the goal of the New Day Inc. Substance Abuse Program

Elizabeth Fuller is a licensed addiction counselor at New Day. She’s part of the outpatient adult treatment program.

“The challenge for me is to present information to people in a way that allows all our clients to relate to it,” Elizabeth said. “Everybody is different, but the disease is the same.”

Everybody is welcomed at New Day. It’s about people helping people. That’s what care here is all about.

Peer Mentor Program

“When people come in for treatment, sometimes they’re a little shaky and need more help. Our peer mentors will help them with meetings, assist them with making appointments, and guide them through the recovery process,” Dana said.

The first step in getting help for yourself or a loved one is to schedule an appointment for an evaluation by calling Dana at 406-869-0793. Don’t worry about paying for the program just yet. That can be figured out later

Treatment Programs

At New Day, we offer different paths to recovery. One is an evidence-based treatment where a group of certified and licensed professionals create individualized plans based on you or your loved one’s needs. It will most likely be a blend of standard group and individual therapy sessions based on clinical evidence and medical research.

Another path is more holistic, meaning the care involves incorporating Native American healing techniques in the recovery plan. It’s a cornerstone of New Day’s treatment. It’s a spiritualistic approach that can work for Native and non-Native clients. While the Native American method of healing is optional, it focuses on connecting people to their higher power, whomever that higher power may be. Care is further divided into youth and adult programs, maintaining two separate and distinct lines of treatment.

Do you, or someone you know, have an alcohol problem?

Here are the signs:

The following symptoms are associated with alcohol use disorder:

Signs of addiction include the following:

Common signs and symptoms of drug abuse

Common signs and symptoms of drug addiction

Warning signs that a friend or loved one is abusing drugs

Drug abusers often try to conceal their symptoms and downplay their problem. If you’re worried that afriend or loved one might be abusing drugs, look for the following warning signs:

Physical warning signs of drug abuse or addiction:

Behavioral warning signs of drug abuse or addiction:

Psychological warning signs of drug abuse or addiction:


Chemical dependency evaluations
Level I.0 Outpatient Group
Level I.0 Continuing Care Group
Level II.I Intensive Outpatient Program
Treatment Court
Peer Support

Native American Culture Enrichment
Activities (optional)

Medicine Wheel (signifies the four “seasons” of
recovery – a never-ending process)
Talking Circle (a type of group therapy)
Sweat Lodge (a spiritual cleansing and “rebirth” of a person)
Smudging (a purification process that uses medicinal plants)
Drum Group
Equine Assist Experiential Therapy (the use of
horses for therapy recovery)

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