New Day Therapeutic Youth Group Homes

New Day also cares for the needs of youth ages 10-17 who need more help than the day-services can provide.

Youth who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, education, and adjustment difficulties may be advised to stay at the New Day Group Homes so experts can provide more around-the-clock care. Through years of caring for girls and boys, New Day has figured out that offering a structured environment helps the most.

“Before we do anything, we must first get their behavior in order,” said Jennifer Hickok, New Day’s school principal. “Some children are dealing with issues from home. Our first step is to get their buy in, which is the most difficult part of the program.”

New Day stresses the importance of consistency, which helps the children create a routine – a routine of good behavior. “Our treatment is based on consistency, accountability, and routine,” Jennifer said.

New Day counselors actively confront inappropriate behavior, so they can redirect and rebuild a child’s conduct. At the same time, they use a point system that rewards and reinforces good behavior, resulting in increased privileges and freedoms.

Following is New Day’s motto:

New Day uses active treatment interventions in the group-home setting based on the youth’s individual treatment plan. As children successfully completes phases of treatment and display an improvement in behavior, New Day rewards them with less restrictive rules, eventually leading to a child’s discharge from the facility.

Home Support Services

New Day counselors also provide in-home support for youth and their families. “We use family therapy, so we can give parents tools they can use in the healing process,” Jennifer said. Services offered include the following:

  • Weekly home visits by a treatment manage
  • Support with parenting and discipline strategies, as well as conflict resolution
  • Assistance in coordinating additional services
  • Support in the academic setting
  • Availability of specialized training for interested parents
  • 24-hour crisis intervention (on-call)

New Day also offers Respite Care Services, which provide both the parent and the child with a structured break for up to 48 hours a month. Basically, it gives the parents the occasional break.

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